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iStock_000001647108XSmallIt can be overwhelming looking for a car with all the different makes, models and accessories to choose from. Buying auto insurance can also be overwhelming. What type of coverage should you buy? How much should your coverage be? At George Koury & Associates we can help you through all these questions and help tailor an auto insurance policy that fits your needs and budget.

Auto insurance helps protect you and your loved ones against financial loss in the event of an accident and covers the injuries and damages for which you are legally responsible. It may also cover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is damaged or stolen.

In most states, you’re required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance and also provide proof of insurance before you can license your vehicle or renew your driver’s license. If you are caught driving without car insurance, you may have to pay a large fine, have your driver’s license suspended, and/or have your car impounded. Contact George Koury & Associates to find out what the specific requirements are in your state and for car insurance quotes.